Cold chamber die casting machine, hot chamber die casting machine, electric furnace, parts, die casting moldCold chamber die casting machine, hot chamber die casting machine, electric furnace, parts, die casting moldCold chamber die casting machine, hot chamber die casting machine, electric furnace, parts,富比士

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Aluminum Electromagnetic Melting Furnace

Aluminum Electromagnetic Melting Furnace   Electromagnetic Melting Furnace Increase 30%-60% Heat Efficiency Features:      1. Save 30% Electricity per month      2. High Heat Efficiency      3. No Heat Radiation Loss      4. Eco-friendly      5. No Smoke Able to recover the costs around half year: Only consumes 0.4-0.5 kw-h for melting 1kg aluminum alloy ingot. The most energy saving way in all kinds of furnace. Long Service Life & Low Failure Rate: Adopt circulating water cooling system in control box and main components. Able to longer the life span and lower the failure rate. Patent Certification & High Quality: Acquire many patents in both Taiwan and China. Low Aluminum Dross: Auto leaking alert system. Aluminum won't leak out of crucible, reduce the damage of electric heat line and furnace. Reduce Aluminum dross, decrease the consumption of aluminum to the lowest. Truly High efficiency/ Energy saving Eco-friendly/ Safe / Save money Structure:                

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine 1. In order to enhance machine durability, use big diameter and non-quesnched and tempered steel for tie bars. 2. Use high strength brass bush to protect toggles and tie bars. 3. Safety door is controlled by motor, moving fast, smoothly. 4. Big space between tie bars. Value of output can be increased by producing with big mold. 5. Adjustable movable platen sliding shoes design for tie bar, platen efficient adjustments. 6. World Patented Gooseneck. Cagu gooseneck inside.

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine-PC-500 CF

Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine PC-500CF   CF Series feature  Injection valve is controlled electronically. Injection pressure can be detected. Digitized injection stroke, simple design, stable casting. With smart quality control system, injection curve is recorded automatically during injection. Raising an alarm for abnormality, make sure quality consistency, stability of large-scale production. Injection parameters save up to 300 sets Providing 3000 sets injection data (production resume) display. Injection data is recorded automatically. Injection data can also be stored effectively in USB flash drive for future references and comparison Die cast conditions can be stored and managed. Data of die cast conditions can be backed up and stored in USB flash drive to prevent data loss. Dry shot speed: 7 m/sec Non-contact magnetic sensor for injection position. Auto extractor lateral movement is adjusted electrically. Molten metal volume of auto ladler can be calculated and set from touch screen. Core movements is controlled by Limit Switch / Timer. Injection terms calculating. Pressure quick relieve valve.               

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We were established in 1964 and has been engaging in the manufacturing of cold Chamber Machines. We are the pioneer of the Die Casting Machine manufacturer in Taiwan over the past 40 years.

In addition to specialize in producing die-casting, casting and related equipment, we also can provide the comprehensive service of helping customer build a new plant, provide the whole plant equipment output, related technology, our professional consultation and technical personnel.

On the client product development, we can offer mold design and development assistance, hope can help customers improve their production efficiency.

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